Careers @ Paperclip

At Paperclip, we foster a culture of happiness, creativity, and support. While we curate a team of talented and enthusiastic individuals, our pursuit of excellence is driven by curiosity, passion, and learning; rather than harsh standards of overcommitment or putting productivity above all else.

At the end of the day, we value people more than work. Our mental and physical wellbeing always comes first – excellence in the workplace will naturally follow.

Working At Paperclip (According to Clippies)


"Paperclip follows ethical work practices in everything it does"


“Paperclip has a beautifully supportive environment"


“I really like the fun work culture that we have here in Paperclip”


“The space and freedom to grow into who you want to be”


“The diversity brings a lot of new perspectives and new ideas”


“Everybody has a different way of working and Paperclip celebrates that”

Clippy Culture

Evolve Fridays

On the last Friday of every month, we get together to share knowledge, ideas, and lots of humour! We also host informative and interactive sessions open to the entire design community. Know more about Evolve Fridays here.

Work From Anywhere

While we have an office that is open to any member of the team whenever they would like to make use of it, our culture supports a fully remote work life! Our team works from all over the country, and at their own pace.

Asynchronous Work

We don’t believe in having the “green dot” hovering over your head while you work – the pressure of being always available is not productive and we prefer to work asynchronously, making use of tools such as Basecamp to coordinate!

In Front of the Mirror

You’re the best judge of yourself. That’s why, every couple of months, we all take some time to reflect on our own work, maintain a journal of our progress, and have one-on ones where we get detailed mentorship and useful feedback!

6-Month Appraisal Cycle

Your career grows with you – we maintain a six month appraisal cycle to make sure everyone is able to feel they’re being compensated fairly for where they’re at in their careers right now – not for who they were last year!

Sponsored Learning

We provide subscriptions to Interaction Design Foundation so that every member of the team can take up engaginc courses to learn from. We also sponsor books for anyone who’d like to read something!

4-Day Work Week (Soon!)

While we’re all in love with what we do, there’s more to life than work. This is why we’re transitioning towards a 4-day work week, so we have more time for everything else we love! We’re hoping to have this in place by November this year.

Recommended Reading

The Design of Everyday Things is our bible and required reading for everyone. Other books we love include Hooked, Shape by Design, Change by Design, Universal Principles of Design, Don’t Make Me Think, and more…

You May Be Wondering...

We have a flat structure, where everyone can get involved in projects, discuss ideas as equals, and take ownership over the tasks assigned to them. More experienced designers in the organisation provide guidance to younger or less experienced designers, rather than being figures of “authority” – there’s no concept of “my word is final”.

There’s only one team – the Paperclip team! As individuals we do have different roles and areas of specialization, but we’re not separated into departments based on this. We work in smaller groups on projects, based on whose expertese is needed for the project – and who’s interested! We all typically have a few projects we’re working on at the same time.

Yes, absolutely! When a new team member join us, they get to spend some time understanding the various projects our team works on, and then they pick one or two projects to get involved in! What you’re doing should always support your interests and career goals, and it’s important that you should be happy with the work you’re doing.

Not at all, we offer internships and junior positions that are open to anyone who has the interest and aptitude but not necessarily tons of experience! If you’re passionate about design, and interested in growing into a fulfilling design career, that’s what matters!

Read up on design fundamentals, such as usability heuristics (if you’re applying for UX) or design systems (UI), understand core concepts, and of course, read The Design of Everyday Things! We’d say go through our website but it looks like you’re already on it!

Join The Team!

Jr. UI Designer

Are you passionate about creating pixel-perfect interfaces, design systems, and versatile components? Are you comfortable working with Figma? This may be the job for you!

Sr. UI Designer

If you think in terms of UI patterns, and can make high-level design decisions, defining the visual language for a product, get in touch - we have your dream job waiting!

Jr. UX Designer

We’re looking for UX Designers with a knack for problem solving, an open mind, and a bucketload of curiosity - if that sounds like you, why not try out for the job?

Graphic Designer

This role is all about working within brand guidelines to come up with creative and beautiful assets for use on websites and social media - let us know if that sounds like what you do!

UX Researcher

Finding the right solutions always starts with asking the right people the right questions. If you’re great at collecting and decoding information, you might find this job exciting!