Since 2018, we have helped some of the fastest growing startups and enterprise-level companies tackle their most complex product and branding challenges. We ensure impactful designs for both product performance and aesthetics, delivering up to 400% ROI.



We gave a 20-year-old accounting platform a full UX makeover, helping their users get their work done faster and more efficiently than ever before.



We revamped our client's web application, conducting extensive research and introducing innovative features that set new industry standards.


Specialty Foods

Creating a brand identity for a small organic food company, right from their logo to the completed packaging design.

Case study coming soon

Royal Beans


We created the packaging design for a series of gourmet chocolate bars, bringing the client’s vision to life.

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Ad Tech

We work with the client’s team to grow and innovate on their existing suite of ad-tech tools, constantly designing new features and capabilities as per their needs.

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Forex Trading

We designed a mobile app as a companion to an existing web platform, skillfully balancing robust transaction capabilities with simplicity and user-friendliness.

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We love branding so much we branded our own company… twice. What was originally NextUX turned into the Paperclip Design we now know and love.

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Real Estate

We are working on branding and marketing for an upcoming real estate project by the SAAR group.

Case study coming soon